Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today is a SLC day. I've got a kidney doctor appointment (just a check up!) and those always take a bit of time.

You know, I could take a sock with me to knit, but I am really burnt out on socks. Or maybe it's just this sock. Or maybe I'd rather just knit lace right now, I don't know what it is. Socks are right out for now, which is bad because I only barely finished the first sock for my Sockapaloooza pal. Hmm.

And then I'm tempted to go to the SnB because, you know, I'll be right there! But my appointment is at 2:30 and I don't think it'll last up until 7 and gosh that makes for a long long day. And I gotta take my shyness by the horns and make it behave, I can't let it control me, y'know. However, my finances DO kind of control me and if the appointment only lasts an hour or so (they're more efficient there than in Kansas City where I'd get there at 9, get my blood drawn and then not be seen until about 1pm. I love them, but that was seriously a drain on my day), I don't want to go home and then drive back to SLC again.

I do want to check out Three Wishes. It sounds and looks from various pictures like the ol' Yarn Barn back in Lawrence, which is about as cool of a yarn store as I've ever been in.

I need some SLC buddies who would be cool with me dropping by and staying till about, oh, 7. Ah well, I'll go to the docs, go to Three Wishes, then bother someone in Provo to go get some half-price sushi with me at Demae. Mmmm, HalfPriceSushi Tuesdays.

Oh yeah, that sock:

Blocked with two Walmart bags and an empty liter bottle of water.


  1. Go to SNB. They are fun.

    Good luck at the kidney doctor.

    Funny, I've actually been in more of a sock mood. They're the thing I knit that I use the most, and small needles make me oddly happy.

  2. Kim - I'll go next Tuesday, promise! I just would be unable to study today if I stayed and stayed. And though it'd be nice not to have to study, I've been too lax. Gotta get my RN by June!

    I do like socks, I just find myself wanting to knit my lace all the time and that makes everything else feel kind of 'meh'. Who wants a steak when there's high class sushi nearby? See what I mean? ;)