Sunday, February 12, 2006

Why knit?

My niece's new favorite thing is to ask 'why' with every command directed at her. It could take a philosophical spin, if you consider it.

I have always had a creative bug. It started with playdoh. It went through stringing thread through plastic canvas and making cities for teddy bears, counted cross-stitch, crochet, drawing, whittling, painting clay figures, and finally it has come to knitting. It's been a fun journey, sometimes frustrating, especially when those who were good at it would look at my progression with a sneer.

But I find something about knitting. People don't sneer at knitting, because knitters know the passion and non-knitters are just so impressed with the skillful wielding of sharp sticks.

But I don't do it just because people think it's neat. It's merely an amusing perk. But I don't do it because it relaxes me. Because honestly, knitting doesn't relax me, it keeps me busy.

I hate be idle. It has to do with years upon years of school (ever realize that after you graduate high school, that you've spent 13 years of your life in school, subtracting holidays and seasonal breaks? And then add college, it's 17. And then consider that I've been going for a good 10 years now...TWENTY AND THREE YEARS OF SCHOOL! 23 is my lucky number, I hope it remains that way and I finish up my schooling this year) where I had to write and take notes and constantly keep my hands busy. So, come a movie or television show, I want my hands to be doing something.

I used to draw. But you can't draw and watch television at the same time. Knitting *can* be mindless enough that you can do both (in my case, it's either an easy pattern or mere stockinette). And then, the best part, is that you can USE what you make afterwards. Drawing, well, hang it on a wall or sell it for someone else to hang on a wall. Knitting, you can wear it or use it and ever and always enjoy it.

And so I knit because it is creation. I knit because it is beauty in progress. And I knit because I can.

Why do you knit?

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  1. for the same sorts of reasons, really... I think for me it's sort of OCD. When I'm not knitting or typing or writing something I'm picking hair out of my head, or scratching my neck, or cleaning my fingernails.