Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome to Friday, Bloglines.

So, I kind of slacked off in writing. I know, bad blogger but don't you dare deny me my cookies'n'cream Weight Watchers bars. I'll bite your hand for it, see that I don't!


Anyways, so I've not been knitting much since it's been HOT and so fate or serendipity has given me a pass to get onto Ravelry. If you want to say hi, I'm DragonCelt. I've already been added by a lot of people, I kind of feel a little popular, heh.

But some of you aren't able to access Ravelry. I promise that you will see nothing there that I won't put up here. Like my current WIP:

Am I not merciful generous? I wouldn't leave you guys out like that.

But now I am tired from over 2 hours hanging out with the missionaries in a car with no a/c. Bummer. So later. :3

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