Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And now for the news. And that was the news.

Who hasn't gotten on their soapbox about free-speech on the internet?

Just recently I posted a harsh 'letter' addressed to the Lawrence Yarn Barn (that I did not send). And I got a bit of feedback and it seems that I'm not alone in having had past negative experiences. But some people might say that I was engaging in potentially harmful actions, that the Yarn Barn will suffer, that they could sue for libel, etc. Or perhaps I'm being paranoid.

Let me say that as people with thinking minds, we have the freedom to our opinions. But with freedom comes responsibility or however Peter Parker's uncle put it (maybe he said 'power' instead of freedom, I'm not sure, I've only seen the movie twice). We have the freedom to say that something sucks, that someone treated us unfairly, that we disliked this, that, or the other. But we should realize that with the freedom to have opinions, we must take responsibility. Like owning dogs, you must keep them on leashes around people even if they are sweet and loving and only wish to thoroughly wash your face, hands, and sniff your crotch. Because you never know when the person you and the dog may encounter might be someone who is offended by your dog.

My point being, we don't have to talk nice if we don't want to. We don't HAVE to be all kissy-faced and brown-nosed towards everyone. But we do have to realize that this is public domain (particularly because we can't lock our posts behind friends-filters like on LiveJournal) and anyone can and will possibly read this and there will be consequences, good or bad. We lit the fire, we have to make sure people don't get burned.

I still think the Yarn Harlot has some nerve telling everyone to 'play nice', this is not preschool. I'm sure she understands my resentment and I don't hold much else against her (except for this unreasonable fear of mathematics. Honestly! Numbers do not bite, math symbols do not sting, conversions do not kill).

And I still think that the Yarn Barn sucks and I will only endure their non-existent service under extreme duress.

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