Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's called Green Hawaiian, Bloglines.

So, I'm jumping on the bandwagon and letting Blogline's web-crawler pick up my post. Clever me, right? Um, not really.

It's 90 or so outside and so I decided I'd take advantage of my car's dying air-conditioning and head out to pick up some applications. I should not have bothered. Did you know that every place I poked my nose in told me to check out the intarwebz? Soon I'll have a job where I'll have to do nothing but sit on my big butt and fill out surveys. It took me two hours to fill out B@rders awful application (how many times can they ask me how strongly I agree or disagree that I get along with people? FIVE, Bloglines. Five. Graaaaghhh! I get along fine with people, it's redundant application questions that drive me batty!)

Oh well, I did decide to treat myself to a snow cone (I wonder if I could apply for a job there. I wonder if they have a website where I can fill out an application?) called Green Hawaiian. It's the most lovely Kelly Green and it's got a nice after-taste of coconut.

Anyways, it seems that I have swayed no one with my pictures of the side and back of my head (yes yes, shut up, Kit, your hair looks FINE) I thought I'd try to photograph the front today. But then I took a nap and I'm kind of smooshed on one side. What I'm trying to say is that I will always find an excuse so, uh, imagine me looking like a Pre-Raphaelite princess and all will be good. ;) Besides, I look down right tooth-achingly cute here and I had bangs. I just need the 'tude (and waistline) back to wear 'em. By the way, I had to hair-dry the life out of my hair to get it straight like that. That is cowed hair right there.

Well, there's no knitting today so other than a picture of myself 6 years ago, how about a bit of artsy fartsy?

My roses are a little feral from neglect so they have no more than four - five petals per flower. Funny things.

Time to return to my studies. Bother.

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