Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No love

Dear Yarn Barn

I love your store. I love that you have Claudia Handpaint now and cover so many bases when it comes to fiber. You even have musk ox, both to spin and to knit with.

But you totally ignored me when I came in. I could have filled my big ol' tote bag that I use for bringing back library books with yarn and you would not have noticed, you were focusing so hard on Not-Noticing me. I made eye-contact and you looked away. I tried to strike a conversation with someone (another customer? Staff? I couldn't figure it out!) and the lady ran off. Seriously, way to make me feel like an uninvited guest.

What's up? Did you get a chewing out for being overly helpful with someone else ages ago? Was taking inventory so fascinating that you couldn't see me poking at the Bonkers fiber?

Screw you guys, I'm taking my business over to The Loopy Ewe, Etsy, and all the other lovely yarn places on the internet and Kansas City.


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