Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smugs and Blogs

The Smug
I signed up for the Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap as you might have noticed from the new little button on the top left corner of the blog. I'm a little smug because I'm a Prefect for Ravenclaw, not that it means much. It means that I volunteered to help, poking a few people here and there, reminding them to make Ravenclaw proud by winning them House points and in the end, getting a neat-o package so that when the movie and the book come out, I've got properly coifed feet. And there is no way you can talk me into wearing anything else woolen in the middle of July. Madness.

The Blogs
So, on to the meat&potatoes of this post. I have two blogs that I feel deserve a bit more attention and hope you'll take a look. The first is The Life and Times of Florence Knitingale who is a terribly clever writer. Many of her posts have had me snorting in a most unladylike fashion. She's currently dealing with a few crises but I hope she returns to share her brilliant sense of humor with the rest of us again.

The other is Big Girl Feet. She's a fantastic artist and such an outgoing person. She's been working very hard to lose weight and I am cheering her on all the way!

Today is Chemo Day in my little world, which means Jeeves & Wooster, seaming my Nantucket Jacket, and not getting a whole lot done at home. Hmm. Best get started on my chores early.

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