Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If I tore out my hair in frustration on top of what was falling out due to stress, I'd be bald!

Dear Life, Circumstance, and Fate:

You've done it again, I see. You know, just to spite you, I will no longer promise to go to anymore S'n'Bs. Because either I will end up having to get up BEFORE the buttcrack of dawn (hello 4am, what an odd concept YOU are to me now!)like I have to be tomorrow (a girl's gotta work or there can be no more experiments with Alton Brown recipes) or I'll be sick, half-dead, in Las Vegas, or some OTHER odd reason I can't make it to the cozy cafe with people that I am starting to warm up to and beginning to like an awful lot. So, lovelies, I will see you guys when I see you and maybe that'll be sometime this month, maybe I can only promise sometime this year, but I will try to make it.

Eat that, L, C, & F.

And in the meantime, I find myself oddly with a real queue of things to finish, not just a dream of "gosh, I'd like to make another sweater, but all I have is all this sock yarn!". I did finish my "Jayne" hat:

Can't Stop The Signal
Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky
How long it took: One day.

And I still have a pair of Mrs. Beetons to make, along with the second sockapaloooza sock and then my lace thing (and maybe the Mountain Shawl, I waaaant). This is actually quite a queue for me. And only one of those things (and the shawl, maybe) is for me. Is that just typical for knitters or am I one of the few that gives away about 66% (or more) of the things she knits?

Anyways, bedtime is at 10, I'm going to get my knit on, maybe I can reach the heel of this sock before bed. ;)


  1. Oh, Gosh, I have to laugh at your title. I'm a hair twirler. When I get stressed out, it falls out on its own (remains of a childhood illness) and then I twirl it on top of that! So bad--I'm definitely going to be a baldy.

    Oh well, at least you'll have a nice hat to cover it up!

  2. Every time I watch an episode of Firefly I just love Jayne more and more. We were watching the pilot yesterday again and when he says "Hmm.. what's 10% of nothin'... divide by nothing... carry the nothing...." I just couldn't stop laughing.

  3. Miriam - Isn't Jayne just so fun? And the hat is featured on the episode, The Message, which is on the last disk. But the whole series is gold. :D