Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The worst part about being a nurse is that when you get sick, you end up beating yourself about calling in sick. I mean, those patients need you! They're sick, too (and in my case, sick in the head, but you know what I mean)! But on the other hand, there was that nurse who passed away last winter from pneumonia because she wouldn't call in and take care of herself.

Death or everyone feeling the pinch for a day? Hmm, I think I'll take what's behind door #2, Trebek.

Anyways, I'll be happy to fill out JenLa's Auntie Meme because hell, I'll talk about myself all the damn day if you give me a chance.

1. A blog which you think people have not discovered.
When I lived in Kansas, I was not but about two houses away from Abbie. Had I not been such a terrible introvert and so on, I'd have known earlier how very freakin' cool she is. Unending Fieldtrip. Check it out, she's got your photography along with your knitting.

2. A blog whose author lives close to you physically. Just get as close as you can, it’s all relative.
The people who live closest to me with a knitblog would have to be Stitch-N-Snitch, a very engaging woman with a real fun sense of humor and a cute pair of Darth Vaders.

3. An unusual or weird animal picture.
My closest friend, Red, sent this to me yesterday of her housemate's cat, Bubbles:

Bubbles likes her ears rubbed (my uncle's cat, Pikachu, haaaates it) and will contort and make the most outrageous faces as they're rubbed. Look at that indulgent face!

4. An entry that made you laugh and got you strange looks from family or co-workers.
Oh man, the Yarn Harlot's post about Weenies made me laugh so hard, I had tears streaming down my face and I had to show it to everyone. Weenies!

5. An idea you wish you’d thought of.
You know, I can't point to any one blog, but I find short rows to be terribly clever and brilliant. I wish I'd thought of that one.

6. Something you’d like to knit.
Mim's Mountain Peaks Shawl. I'm just waiting for the yarn to get here and I'm chewing on the mailbox in impatience!!!

7. A picture of something you consider beautiful

That was taken only about a day or so after my second transplant. I was sure as hell not beautiful, but everything else seemed incredible, every sight was a miracle, every experience was a joy. And this picture is a reminder. (Heh, that just gave me the sniffles.)

8. A blog whose author you’d like to one day meet in person.
For being an introvert, I do like people. I'd like to meet EVERYONE. Let's all go out for coffee (or tea. or hot chocolate. or decaf Border's Chai that is no longer being made, woe!) and knit and chat!

9. A blog of someone you have already met in person.
And this is where I namedrop like crazy but you know what? I'm not really going to mention it. If you check the cute little sheep button in the sidebar, I've met most of those people there and I love them all, even if I don't always act like it.

And, um, that's it for my meme. Knitting is coming but nothing really to report except unfinished progress. :)


  1. You look fabulous in the picture despite being in the hospital! Come back now that the weather is better and see us.
    The book is all knitting, BTW.;-)

  2. Don't worry, I was an introvert in Kansas too ;) but I'm so glad that I can read your blog now because I think you're freakin' awesome too (and I have to thank you for pretty much doubling the traffic to my blog...I feel famous!!)

    Good luck with the rest of your dental adventure...hope there aren't anymore allergy catastrophes (ick!)