Friday, March 10, 2006

Second Sock Done!

Last night I had to work. Work consists of about 3 cumulative hours of setting up meds and passing them out, really. The other 5 hours consist of being prepared to hand out tylenols and other such medications as people require, which on was not much on the unit I worked last night. I tend to bring a bit of knitting with me when I work and so I brought The Sock with me.

What I love about working with DPNs are the wide eyes and jaws dropped when they see me knitting with FOUR NEEDLES, OH NOES! And it's always with a bit of the feeling of a magician giving away the secret to a magic trick that I explain that no, I'm still knitting only with two needles, the other two are just holding the stitches until I get to them.

Anyways, I had gotten quite a bit done and thought "oh, these will be done on Sunday!"

I kind of underestimated how much I got done while I watched the patients and laughed/joked/chatted with the psych techs. The Second Sock is finished as of 1pm today.

So I put her through the gauntlet of SockBlocking that I go through.

I don't have any Eucalan, but I have Aussie Mega Shampoo and if it does for yarn what it does for my hair, it'll be just fine.

After a rinse and a slight press (hey, it's superwash anyways, it can stand a little rougher handling), it goes on some clean dishtowels for a wringing.

All tucked in and ready for a squishing. Aww.

And the blocking hardware is present to start their work.

Ever stick your hand in a warmish wet sock? It makes my toes curl a little. Brrr. But the walmart bags are maleable so I can get them in the right form for the sock. The liter bottle makes just the right size for calves. Well, slender-ish calves, but it works.

And here she is, settling into the right shape on a towel rack. She'll be dry in 24 hours or so. Phew!

Speaking of work, I haven't laughed so hard for a while. Oh, and for those who have ever heard of "tunnel singing" and participate in it at BYU, I'd probably avoid doing that until summer. All I can say is Icewater Balloons. You've been warned. I hope I work that unit again. And I hope they don't take apart the post-it note and soapbar montage, I was particularly proud of my Pirate Hitler and Trogdor. I would have taken pictures, except that's illegal at work. Alas.


  1. Yummy sock colors. What's the yarn - or did you mention that and I missed it?

  2. Anne - I mention it further down, but it's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Bittersweet. The colors are wild!

  3. I was at BYU but I never went tunnel singing for many reasons...I will add icewater ballons to that list. Cool socks!