Monday, March 27, 2006

F is for . . .

A funny anecdote!

It's a tale of two Fs, a Friend and a Family member. My Friend Briana is a tomboy supreme, which is clearly manifested in her fantastic artwork and personality. My sister, Christina, has always been a fireball. She's so full of energy and now it's well invested in two beautiful children.

Both of these girls qualified for Least Expected To Pick Up Knitting by me.

Well, Briana has been hanging around school for one last class and has been bored out of her skull. She's the one who has been subjected to all my knitting whinging and one day, as I was coming home from work and chatting with her, she said:

"Guess what I did today."
"No idea, what did you do?"
"I got some yarn and knitting needles and this really neat book..."
"...Shut up, you didn't!"
"Yeah, and mom's sending me her grandma's needles..."

So Briana has become my young Padowan and Christina remains a knitting virgin which is probably for the best. Having two kids of ages 3 and under around sharp-ish sticks is a recipe for tragedy.


I want to thank everyone who left suggestions for whether to put any treats in with Calcifer for my Sockapaloooza pal. I'll be sure to do so and I have some fun ideas! And I apologize for being so tardy for my thanks. So to make up for it, have some free silver jewelry. I've ordered from there several times and I've not been disappointed by the quality. :)


  1. Yay! You've converted one! I keep trying to get all my friends to learn so that I don't have to be a lone knitter out here!

  2. Great "F"! I love fiber enablers!