Saturday, March 18, 2006

Lace While U Wait

So, I'm waiting ever so patiently (so...patiently...grah) for to come through. But I lace on anyways!

One skein of KnitPicks Shadow in Vineyard right here and about 5 1/2 repeats of the Baltic Sea Stole from Fibertrends.

Well, most of the skein. What's that, 99.999999%?

Doesn't it seem a little...short? But no fear, I have TWO. MORE. SKEINS! Yes, this thing will be three times the length of that first little block there and hopefully in time for the KC Ren Fest. Of course, that'll be in October. *cough* And you can't see it with the pictures, but there are the slightest bit of lighter colors against darker colors, giving it a dappled shadowy look...hence the name of the yarn, of course.

Anyways, more fun and excitement in this hole I live in, huzzah!

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