Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blah Humbug

I am not a fan of Christmas. Or rather, I'm not a fan of the American Christmas. In Germany, Christmas lasted for days and it was about family and friends and relaxing and eating things. A time to rejoice in the miracle of the Savior's birth, a time to realize and be grateful for all we have.

In America, it's about presents. It's about the most expensive. It's about Santa and What Will Santa Bring??? There are no Three Wise Men to mark on your door with chalk (regardless of religions practiced, there was always a trio of kids or adults to mark on the door). It's like people are scared to celebrate Christ. Or to celebrate Christmas as I feel it should be celebrated. That's why I like Thanksgiving so much better.

Being half Dutch, there are some practices I hope we keep up when I go home. For one thing, I hope we use the good china and plates for breakfast and have hot muffins and tea. I would like to put out shoes instead of stockings. And have a Family Home Evening of some sort. As much as I wish, I can't have lots of family over, but I hope my parents and I do something really fun and visit friends and such. I hope we go for a walk around Westridge or Clinton Lake. I hope to have some of mom's Dutch Apple Pie because maaan, I missed out for Thanksgiving!

And I hope mom and I can visit some knitting shops (maybe Dad won't mind coming with if we promise to swing by Cabella's on the way home).

What practices do you guys like to keep for Christmas?

On a knitting note, I am currently highly fond of WEBS. I just got four skeins of Noro in the mail and then! I ordered their Beginner's Spinning Kit. It was $25 and I got half a pound of roving, a Louette drop spindle (SHEEPIES!) and a book that would tell me how to spin. That's so exciting to me. :D And then, when I went to pay, they only charged me $13.25! I find that mighty strange when the email said $25 and the website said $25. So I've since contacted them to let them know about the inconsistency.

I hope they don't want me to pay the rest, let me just pay the $13.25, but I shouldn't expect it. I mean, they're a business and a good one, too. $25 is already pretty reasonable to me. Anyways, just my thoughts.

I leave for Kansas on the 14th. I'm so excited!

P.S. Dear SLC S'n'B...I am so sorry I've been such a slacker of late. I keep ending up having to work on Tuesdays! This week I could only fit in 2 days before the pay period was over so I had to work last night. Trust me, I really and most sincerely wished I could have made it because the crazy people, they were driving me crazy. Oy.


  1. We love to see you when we see you! No exciting Christmas traditions at my house other than the ritual of trying to convince my DH that we'd really rather open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. ;) I've pounded into my kids that Christmas is about Christ, and I hope it sticks! :)

  2. I found your journal through Jessimuhkah's, and just had to jump in to say that I'm half Dutch, too! My favorite Christmas tradition has always been putting out the shoes - something that few people understand.

    Sorry for the randomness...I'm on Livejournal as Bexi, just so you have some clue who I am.

    *slinks away*

  3. Found you on Ewetah Knits. :) My favorite part of Christmas is watching the Grinch cartoon. And Bill Murray's Scrooged.