Sunday, December 11, 2005

some whine and cheese

I'm not handling this well. I never realized what a camera addict I've become. I can't take pictures of my dying fish. I can't take pictures of mountains covered in snow. I can't take pictures of my whole living area being an absolute disaster (ha, I'm such a hypocrit, calling my uncle and his family messy when I'm no better when I'm trying to study or get something organized). But at least there's still the scanner. I love the scanner. It allows me to show off my sock. So, look at the sock, it's one repeat chart away from heel time.

I can hear it laugh at me. The camera sits on my nightstand and sniggers. WELL KEEP SNIGGERING! I'll get you. I know where you sleep.


  1. Gotta love the scanner! I don't own a camera, so it's my only way to do pics on my blog.

  2. Well, well well... so glad I had the chance to be your SP! I am glad you liked all your little gifties, especially the socks book. FUnny, that was the first thing I bought for you! Make me proud and whip up a great pair (or two) of really cool socks!