Sunday, November 27, 2005

Favorite things

Y'know what I love doing? I talk with my closest friend (the idea of Best Friend kind of died about, oh, 3 years ago? May 2002. Yeah.) Briana--well, more like we write stories together and talk about whatever comes to mind as we write. Never at a loss for things to say because once the chitchat's over, we're off using our imaginations--and I knit. And every so often I make some Rooibos tea to chase the chills away or some hot chocolate if I need something to sit a bit more solidly in the stomach. My favorite is Stephen's Irish Creme or Italian Amaretto. That constitutes as an evening well spent.

Lately I've been catching up on Crazy Aunt Purl. I love how she's so frank. She also has a marvelous sense of humor. Why did no one shove me at her blog earlier? Oh well, it doesn't matter, she has inspired me to be more open. I like that.

So, I have a bit of something to confess. I am NOT a very good girl. Oh, I try, heaven knows that I do. The Lord and I, we have kind of a rapport and I KNOW He laughs at me at times and shakes his head and goes "C'mon, Kit, you know better than that!" and I smile and look sheepish and go "Yeah...I do." But hey, being human means that I'm learning. Which means I'm not always an A+ student. Never was. I have a small habit of swearing every so often (my favorite is actually not applicable in American, it's for you British. And that would be "OH BU**ER!" and that's not 'butter' there. I only recently learned what it meant and now I know I really should stop but it's not easy). I also kind of laugh at inappropriate things that should really shock a fine, well-bred lady. And have a taste for violent movies that might be, well, R-rated. And I am not a caffeine person, but I do like Green Tea when my pills are hammering at my GI tract again. I also realized lately that I am a little TOO fond of rum-flavoring. Like in Eggnog and Chocolate Rum Icecream like they have at Skoops-Gelato in the Provo Townie Centree mall. They called me the Wild Mormon at the Assisted Living place back in Kansas. Because I'm not your Utah Mormon.

Oh yeah, I was BORN in Utah. But it's been 20 years since I left there and then came back. I've seen the world since then and being LDS is not the same in Germany or Kansas as it is here. People here seem to be more lukewarm here whereas there you either are or you aren't. And I never came into strong anti-Mormon sentiments until I came here. Whoooa nelly, you don't like the LDS, you don't have to BE here. Seriously. There are other places to be that pay more and cost less. I suggest Lawrence in Kansas. Nice place, very granola, very open-minded. Blue as my own two astigmatic eyes.

Anyways, I have to hold back because I have relatives that might read this. Hi Sis! Hey Aunts, Uncles, Cousins who have floated over from Sis's blog! It's amusing because most of my life I was this chubby shy kid that you've all come to know and tolerate and maybe like lots. You don't realize that then, College happened. Ohhh college. KU. Kit found her feet and her spine at KU. But that was just the start. Since then, Kit's gone to Nursing School, aka the Gauntlet. Kit's Moved Out. Kit's had to be a bit more self-reliant. And Kit has started to live in the Real World. Now, don't get me wrong, I haven't lost my sense of manners and respect, but I have lost a lot of timidity.

But all that aside, this is a Knitting Blog. The real life blog is on LiveJournal and I may someday show you which one is mine, but not right now. I like being a bit hermetic.

Now for Knitting. I've started up the Corset again for lack of anything else to knit (argh! Must knit something, anything, what can I knit, I have Second FingerlessGloveWithHoodie Syndrome!) and had to start it all over because I stopped mid row and heaven help me but I just couldn't figure it out. Whatever, I will stay in the groove this time.

And congratulations to anyone who read all this sh...tuff. See? See? Swearing. On a Sunday. I'm a Work In Progress. Can't wait till I'm my own FO*.

*Finished Object, yannow.


  1. Amen from another not-a-Utah-Mormon! ;) I guess we get that from seeing more than the world that's between the Oquirrh and Wasatch mountains.

  2. I did read it all & it's very amusing!