Saturday, December 10, 2005


Ladies and Gentlemen (do I get Gentlemen here? Oh well),

A moment's silence. My Olympus camera has passed away (I think) and refuses to turn on with either fresh batteries or gentle psychotic pleading. I wonder if it somehow got a little too cozy with the hot beverages I keep at the desk (I don't see any sort of stain or anything where it was so I don't think that's the case) or it hit its warranty. This has me more than a little irritated because I got:

Maureen's final Secret Pal Package! It was so wonderful, I wish I could have taken a picture of it all. But it included a gorgeous cashmere keyhole scarf, wonderful cards (I've had so much fun with the knitting cards you've sent!), awesome patterns, and sock yarn...and finally, the Socks, Socks, Socks! book! You know how much I've wanted that book? Apparently you do! *grins* It made me squeal. Did I mention I also squealed with the Yarn Harlot book I got with the previous package that I forgot to mention (because I'm really rather absent-minded like that)? Because I did. It made my day, thank you SO much, Maureen! I can't wait to finish the Pomatomus and get cracking on some of the knitted socks in that book!

And now I'm thinking of stuff to bring with me to my escape to Kansas. Obviously the Pomatomus socks (the pattern is so much fun) and my corset (can't only work on one project at a time, the very idea!) homework. *grunt* This thing is a bigger monkey on my back than anything. I can't wait until it's OVER.

But yeah, hi, Merry Christmas, may it be special.

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