Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm here

Not much to really say. It's been snowing all day today, but that didn't stop us* at all from going out to see Narnia at 4. I love that movie. I look forward to them doing the rest of the books.

It was snowing all day but it's so dry and cold that you don't get the packing snow. I call it Legend Snow because it reminds me of the super sparkly 80s snow featured in the movie Legend, starring a very young Tom Cruise and two horses with horns badly attached to their heads (notice that Narnia!Peter's unicorn did not have a bouncy horn). You could see the crystalline structures so clearly. It was perfect and beautiful.

My mom and I set up the Christmas tree tonight, too. The tree came with lights attached and so all we did was put the ornaments on ribbons and hang them on the tree with some beads and some ribbon. It's not the most decorated tree, but sometimes less is more.

I think I'll take apart the noro hat and re-knit it using Susan's method**. I'm also making my mother's share of the Noro love into the Mohair Shale scarf**. It's the easiest pattern so I'm able to watch the teevee or bring it to the movies and work on it.

Spinning has been fun, I made yarn out the the smaller of two balls of roving and towards the end, it was even getting puh-retty even. I'm so glad I got so much roving from WEBS**, it was so generous. My biggest problem with spinning is drafting to the point that the roving goes FOOF! and I end up having pulled it apart. Bah! So annoying, but I'm learning that a gentle but firm touch and a large helping of patience makes it go much easier. Sounds like parenting, really.

On personal matters: I feel a bit lost right now. Perhaps empty. I think it has to do with coming here and as much as my parents love me so and my friends are thrilled to see me, I feel out of place. I think I've put down my roots, finally. My roots never go deep, but they do hurt to rip out. I also don't have a car here, so I feel the loss of freedom and the old reliance of the generosity of others to get around. I'm just chafing at the bit, I suppose.

Anyways, there is knitting, I brought as much as I could and as soon as I get my camera to work, this will actually be a blog worth following again.

Love, Kit.

*us = parents + me
**will link to it later

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  1. I'm glad your spinning in going well. I haven't braved up and done it yet. ;)