Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Lousy song title.

I finished Christmas knitting in October. I have nothing I need to frantically knit. I'm casual and catching up on the teevee. Alton Brown is my darling, as are any and all home improvement shows and What Not To Wear (orange actually works with blonde hair and blue eyes? I gotta try this). I also have lost any desire to even LOOK at the knitting I brought with me, other than the occasional work on mom's Noro scarf.

Instead I've been spinning. That pound of roving is no longer a pound and I think I'm getting the hang of it. It's pretty even, but I think I mentioned all this. So let's head over to the Yarn Barn. Pretty nifty place and oh wow, the stuff they have there! I only criticize them for the lack of Mountain Colors but otherwise, very cool. I managed to come away clutching some merino/tercel in Dragonfly colors. Once the practice roving is gone, I'm going to spin up some of this really shiny stuff. I just have to consider what to make of it.

Ohhh, I hate not having a camera! I would love to show you this bit of loveliness (because it looks nothing like the picture on the website).

My heart goes out to those of you who decided that it wasn't enough to just buy gifts but to make them. You are some dedicated (read: "freakin' off your rocker, what were you thinking?") people. Please do consider that if your wrists/shoulders/back/neck hurt, to take a break, stretch, use the opportunity to use the restroom, walk around a bit and give your joints a moment to reconfigure.

And in the meantime, I have my own project brewing in my head. It comes to me while I'm trying to get to sleep, but I'll work hard to get it out before I nod off. It'll be awesome, interesting, and inspired a bit by some reading I did before I came here.


  1. haha...I finished my gifts up in early November! Then I had finals week, and when I finally resurfaced I realized that I didn't have two weeks until Christmas, but one. Then my cats joined a Satanic cult and ripped apart one huge gift, which is currently being remade. I will get through this week, I swear.

  2. oh, Alton Brown...dorky in a cute way, good sense of humor, and can cook...does it get any better than that?? ;) Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. I LOVE Alton!!! He can come over and cook in my kitchen anytime. I also finished my earmarked "Christmas Knitting" awhile ago, but I keep finding new gifts I want to give. Oh well, I've got to keep busy with something, right? ;)

  4. bonnie10:46 AM

    i gave up 2 weeks before xmas and bought all the presents i didn't have done yet. it was such a relief...don't think i'll plan any knitted gifts from now on. just makes knitting not as much fun..