Sunday, September 03, 2006

Renaissance Festival!

I haven't had the chance to make a lot of new friends here yet and the old ones haven't had the time to get back to me yet, at least the ones I don't see at church. Laura was very happy to see me, however, and though Karina and I were estranged, that didn't stop us from going to see an AFI concert and still hanging out every so often. I still feel very cautious around her, old wounds heal slow, but I'm able to laugh around her, something I didn't think would ever happen. Good times, my friends.

Speaking of good times, Karina, Laura, and I went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday! It was the Piratical weekend and we were hoofing it for a good four hours or so, wandering around taking pictures of people, interesting things that caught our eye (like the above pirate sign), elephants, and so on. Laura was even offered a marriage... the dung shoveller! So romantic! As usual, I gave my regards to George and that poor dragon who looks very affronted at finding a human on his back giving him a most unwelcome tickle with his spear:

And I bought a little fiber to spin. I didn't take a picture because I was a silly muffin-head and just didn't. It's merino-tencel though and kind of a muted rainbow-color.

Today I went for a little ride. It was quiet out on the roads so I was able to safely take photos from my car (yes, I stopped my car to take pictures, I'm not daft):

Nope, not autumn yet, though man it FEELS like it. Yummy weather hanging just under 80 degrees out here.

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