Friday, September 15, 2006

What's on Kit's Needles?

Socks. The end, thank you everyone, have a nice day!

Ha, just kidding. You wanna see, right?

So first off, the No-Thought-Process-Involved socks. Aka the Monster socks because I've been watching lots of Monster and since it's Japanese with subtitles, I need something to knit that doesn't require me to tear myself away from a crazy bipolar homicidal orphan Russian guy and the hot doctor hunting him down. I can't do that!

They're toe up because I have little feet and a lot of yarn and I just wanted to see how far this yarn could go. Sock one? Stops JUST under my knee. Oh yeah, knee-socks, baby. Love that.

And then project #2: Hedera for mum. Yes, I have been working on them forever, thank you for caring enough to remember!

Yup, one sock down, one to go. Oh, and that basket looks a little odd without a whole load of purple lurking in it. Because...I finished the Baltic Sea Stole! But I'll post about that later.

By the way:

Looks like autumn's finally starting to touch Kansas. That is a Red Dwarf bush, by the way, or at least I think that's what it's called. They turn brilliantly scarlet in the autumn, I love it.

Also, I was downtown today, hitting Hobbs real quick before Borders. I love ivy and people seem to feel the same way about it as I do. Let it grow.


Sorry about the awkward angle in that second photo, I wasn't thinking about composition so much as 'Look at the brilliant curly ivy, woa!'. ;)

So, everyone have a good weekend! I'm going to the Ren Fest and enjoying myself. I deserve it because I PASSED MY NURSING CONCEPTS 3 EXAM!!! I have one last Concepts exam to pass (6) and then it's the clinicals and the NCLEX, which means nothing to the non-nursy sort but hey, just dance with me. It is a very big victory.



  1. Hooray!!

    Finishing a shawl AND passing a big exam - a banner week!

  2. The socks look great and congrats for passing your tests. It's good to hear you're still going for your degree.