Tuesday, August 29, 2006

M is for... (part dieux)

Making one!

This is an increase that is nigh invisible. Most increases tend to give you unsightly holes that practically scream "HEY, THIS PERSON INCREASED RIGHT HERE!". Not very classy in my opinion. So here's my first-ish tutorial on how to make a subtle increase.

P.S. Yes, this is rudimentary. Yes, this is about as easy as sitting up in bed. But I still call it 'clever' so if a twisted knit increase stitch is boring enough to make you gnaw on the antenna tip of your cellphone, I advise you to just look away.

Step One

Pick out the horizontal yarn between two stitches (psst, it's the top one and in the picture, it's the dark chocolate brown strand).

Step Two

Pick up the horizontal yarn with your right needle.

Step Three

Transfer the new loop to your left needle by slipping the left needle in front of the loop the right needle is holding and slide that loop off the right needle.

Step Four

If you squint, you can sort of tell that the loop is sitting on the left needle, ready for knitting! But don't knit just yet, you gotta do it the 'special' way.

Step Five

Now, if you knit like your girlfriends showed you, you would knit by passing the right needle in front of the loop and knitting through. BUT DON'T DO THAT HERE!!! Srsly. Stick that right needle right behind that front 'leg' of the loop...

Step Six

...and knit on through.

And there you have it. An extra stitch that is twisted and will hide like a cuckoo in a wren's nest. And the beauty is, the only way to really tell is when looking at a column and alluvasudden, that column disappears! Oh no! Where did it go? Magic. Bwahahaha!

And now back to life as we all know it and I get on with studying and expanding my application to roleplay as Fenrir Greyback on a Harry Potter Roleplay game. I'm so excited, eee!!!*

* yes, it's unusual for a nurse to be roleplaying, but I strongly believe that most balanced intellectuals also have a highly playful and imaginative side so that things even out. Besides, I have to wait for my license to transfer from Utah to Kansas, duh. Administrative paperwork, you know how long THAT takes.

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