Monday, September 11, 2006

Remember, remember

We all deal with pain in many different ways. Some of us think it appropriate to lay the blame on the people in charge. But I believe that there wasn't ever and never would be a president who could have dealt with this crisis in any way to make ANYone happy.

You know, I hadn't even started knitting when this happened. I just remember posting on my livejournal about this, my mother calling everyone she knew even if no one we knew lived in the region. It was horrific. But the more poignant memory was a year later. I was in LPN school, in clinicals, at a retirement home. Ginny, my professor, gathered us all into the meeting room where we had a silent moment and she played a song on a CD player for us. I can't remember what song, I just remember weeping.

I don't thing the world has ever been in a darker place than it is now. We have come together in crisis but the aftermath has left us bitter, angry, hateful. And I can't see how being angry helps. There is nothing to be done with it. Anger does not change things for the better. Anger does not solve our problems. It does not help us hope, it does not help us love. Anger destroys.

All we can do to truly combat this anger, this pain is to hope and to love. I hope today is spent in quiet contemplation of how we might turn this dark world around and back into light. Pray, meditate, light candles, listen to gentle music, and definitely find someone to give your love to today. There will be more troubles, but if we can hold firm and refuse to abandon hope and love, then those troubles will break like ocean waves on stone cliffs.

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