Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Creation station

My little sis said I need to post more often. Okay okay, you twisted my arm. Tsk, such abuse. ;)

I don't like to lounge when I knit. Couch? No thank you. Recliner? Ugh. Bed? Ow. No, I prefer a nice chair with good support where I can sit up and multitask. I like having things where I can see them rather than falling or slipping away from me. And so, upon the prompting of Crazy Aunt Purl, here is My Knitting Spot:

I think my favorite thing on that desk other than the computer is the ballwinder. I believe I've mentioned it before. I bought it off of eBay for $15 and it came with a piece missing. And that piece would be the cone. I didn't know those things came off and certainly couldn't find any sort of place that sold parts of their ballwinder so I could replace mine. So I did the next best thing. I cut up a toilet paper roll, glued it together, and then hot-glued it to the base. It took a few times to actually make it so that it stayed and initially I tried taping it down. The tape laughed at me, by the way. Cheeky thing.

Anyways, it occasionally needs re-glueing but it still makes beautiful skeins of yarn.

Also, you can see my kissy dragon mug. You drink through his mouth like a straw, I love him. Also, there's the stockinette sock sitting up there. You know, I really like this desk.

Also, you can catch a glimpse of the Baltic Sea Stole hanging out on my chair. I've been embarassed to post about it because when I blocked it, I didn't have enough pins. I've since gotten some lovely blocking wires so I can fix the edges properly but I've been feeling under the weather and don't really want to be all innovative and figure out how to best block the silly thing. Obviously another bath and wet-block is out of the question, it'd be messy putting all the wires in after it was all wet. But I'll figure that out after I get over...

Shingles! Yes, darlings, I went to the kidney doctors today. I've had this patch behind my left armpit (behind, not in) that has been itching and I was sure it must have been a case of the chiggers. So I showed it to the doctor. He glanced at it and said "No, that's not chiggers, I think it might be shingles. Hold on, I'll get someone else to give you a second opinion." So he pulled in the nurse who looked at it and immediately said "Shingles". Well, last time I had shingles, I was 11 and they put me in isolation in a room no bigger than a bathroom. No call light, no interaction, bars on the window, my only interaction with people outside my family was a kid who had an adjacent room and had a window that looked into my room. We both had stuffed animals and we'd put interact by putting up plays between them. That was entertainment. Whee. But my shingles were worse then with the open sores. This is just a rash and I'm on acyclovir, it'll clear up within a week.

And so until I feel like going out and buying a few spritz bottles and pinning the BSS onto the carpet in the basement, I'll just be slowly working on Rogue. Pictures forthcoming, of course.

By the way, anyone interested in some yarn? I don't remember what I was going to do with it and I'm not crazy about the color either.


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