Monday, October 02, 2006

It's just a show, I should breathe and just relax.

Revenge of the Rogue did not tesser like it did the week before and I grew frustrated with her. So she's in time out while I celebrate Socks!

This week is the week I wrap up the Monster Socks:

I'm nearly done. After all, ribbing flies almost as fast as stockinette and it moves along the study time. And now for the fun artsy pictures:

I'm sure that those of you who have been following this blog since January might happen to recognize this yarn. I had attempted to start something then but ended up frogging it out. Clearly this yarn calls for a straight-up stockinette attempt and as you can see, one of them flashes pretty badly.

And for added content, here are the top ten knitterly things you may not know about me.

1. I long to design something, anything, but I can't actually come up with anything, not that this stops me from staring at people's knits and charting up their lacey parts.

2. I always have a project on me, even if I might not have it out. I never know when I might end up in some line at Walmart (or waiting for long-winded parents to finish talking with a guy they've professed extreme dislike for beforehand and then profess how much they like him after. Inconsistency!).

3. I have had dreams where I've knitted.

4. I am not attracted to men that knit. Not that I'm unattracted, but I don't find them any more droolworthy than women who knit. And no, I do not believe that men invented knitting. I believe that men more than likely used knitting in a commerce setting and that women had been doing it for a little longer.

5. I want to go fiber anorexic. Just knit it all up till it's gone. I think I have about a year or so to do that.

6. Which means I'll end up with about ten socks at the end and perhaps some felted bags.

7. I've never actually felted anything (on purpose) before. I'm about ready to fix that.

8. Before I started knitting, I crocheted and did counted cross-stitch. I learned to crochet just from watching my grandma, actually. And my mom and oma taught me to do counted cross-stitch.

9. I love lace knitting but I really don't get the appeal of triangular shawls. And I don't think they're coming back any time soon at all. It's stoles all the way for me, baby!

10. Other than a hat and scarf for my niece, I've never done knitting for children. They just grow too fast!

By the way, Katydid Knits has helped me with the blog layout. It's so awesome of her to help me out. Now I need to make it 'pretty'. I have a good idea of how to do it.

And I think I should give a shout out to another awesome knit-blogger. Ms. Knitingale is a marvelous nurse who knits. She's sharp and clever and incredibly interesting. I just can't help but really admire anyone who is a nurse, particularly one going through school. Talk about trial by fire!

Have a good week all!

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