Monday, May 01, 2006


H and I are on their way, I'm just really having a struggle getting it written. It's a little personal and I think I need to treat it with the respect it deserves.

So, in the meantime, my current WIPs!

The Pomatomus in Koigu

The tree was very accomodating with the one finished sock. Koigu fascinates me. The colors come and go so quickly! It's variegation that I can actually enjoy. And the surprising part is that it really does happen to come to a bit of a pattern, but not an overly obnoxious one. No flashing*, no pooling. And now, ladies and gentlemen, please find your heavy-duty shades whilst I reveal my white foot.

And that's about how far I've gotten on the second one. The picture would have been higher if I could figure out how to make the timer on my camera work again. I knew how to do it before, I just didn't have the patience to tinker with it again. Ah well. This is also my on-the-go project. It came with me to my brother-in-law's commencement, Hogle Zoo, work, etc. It's such a nice pattern, so easy to memorize.

And then on the other hand...

Mountain Peaks Shawl
I should have taken to heart the review of how's laceweight tends to felt. I should have gone with what Mim actually recommended. But my 4s were busy and I wanted something resembling mountains so I got the Emerald and purple. It's become one of the most frustrating things I've ever done with knitting since I tried to make a Fun Fur scarf using Crystal Palace's eyelash yarn on aluminum 17s straights. At least it's very close to done as you can see:

As I carefully took this out of its slipped all of its stitches. Again. *sigh*

See? Ugh! And I spent who knows how long tinking this thing because SOMEHOW it slipped a stitch. I didn't know that was possible with this yarn since it likes to grab onto itself more tightly than those stickers you pick up while walking through tall grass. I'm looking forward to finishing this once and for all and picking up the Baltic Sea Stole again.

But until then, here we go with the projects.

*no, not that kind of flashing. It's when the stripes make kind of a lightning-type zigzag instead of behaving and making pretty stripes that go around).


  1. That sock picture is soooo funny. I actually thought you had lost your marbles and knitted some kind of decoration for the front of your house!!! No, really, the perspective of your little girl and the sock branch made the branch, and thus the sock, look enormous!!!!!!

  2. YAY shapeless lace blob! I'm sorry it's giving you such a headache though. :)