Saturday, May 06, 2006

Speaking of Socks

This is just about as close as I've been to blogging about an incident after it has happened.

I had hoped for my next Netflix delivery and instead I got my sockpal's wonderful gift!

I could mention the very neat stickers on the packaging...

...but I'm sure you're as eager as I was to get on to the goods. Now, I've been through Texas (where my pal is from) a time or two. I've driven down to Dallas in April (or was it March?) when I lived in Kansas and it was like stepping out of winter into Eden. Absolutely gorgeous with a magnificent sky and in the summer, I'm sure it gets dusty brown and red (I've only been as far as Oklahoma in the summer though). Just like these socks:


I love the cabled ribbing up and down the entire thing. I love the colors. And they're so very soft! Unfortunately then my camera's batteries died. So I ran to the basement-that-is-my-home and put some back in. I had hoped that my lamp could provide enough light to illuminate the rest of the goodies my sockpal packed in here:

Not quite but you can see that she was really very sweet and generous with what she sent on. I've never seen STR yarn in person before (yes really) and now I have some of my own Fire On The Mountain! It's really a riot of color. The Burt's Bees was very considerate. She must know how dry it gets over here. And the notecards are fun.

Thanks Jennifer! It was a really good gift, I will appreciate it for a good long while. Because there's just something about receiving handknit gifts that just warms this heart.

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  1. NICE!! Socks are popping out all over!