Monday, April 24, 2006

and the winner is!

After using my friend the Randomizer and going by order of comments received, (good jokes, guys!), comment #2 is the winner! Congratulations, Sarah HB! Email your address to tobutakai at and I'll send that undyed lace-weight straight to you. :)


I don't have any pictures of my Works In Progress, but let me just tell you where I'm at.

The Baltic Sea Stole is on temporary hiatus because two lace patterns at once makes me a little woozy.

The Mrs. Beetons are sloooowly progressing, when my conscience is pricked and I go "Poor Jordan, she probably wanted these a month ago". They'll be done soonish, I promise!

The Pomatomus #2 socks are coming along nicely as they're something to knit when I don't want to take a big ol lace shawl to work. I'm almost to the heel of the second sock.

And The Mountain Peaks Shawl is on its way to Border land. Very exciting! Well, at least, I'M excited.


And some sad news. The Rogue finally made its way back to me after being left behind in Kansas. It was under my brother's bed, covered in dog fur and needing a bit of a wash so my mom washed it. She's not really utterly hip to washing woolens and though she did remember cold water, she did not remember to not-agitate (she tossed it in the wash and set it on cold)'s a bit snug now. Alas. But that's okay, I can make another and this one can fit that beanpole I have for a sister (love you, Christina!).

I just have to "shave" the thing.

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  1. So jealous of your Pomatomus progress. Can't wait to see the photos!