Wednesday, May 10, 2006

What's up Wednesday

I'm completely flummoxed on the short row tip spot on the Mountain Peaks Shawl. Absolutely bamboozled. Baffled, you might even say***! So I'm waiting until I receive inspiration from above or in my sleep and in the meantime, I'm picking up the Baltic Sea Stole. And tinking about ten rows because I seem to have picked up a case of obsessive compulsion. I have a ramen-like mess of Vineyard-flavored Shadow from Knitpicks draped over my shoes and my other project bags and my burts bees and my camera cord and my patterns and whatever else I've decided to toss off my desk as I land my large-enough-to-torment-terrorists-with nursing textbooks down. By the way, I'm never getting pregnant. Between PIH and DIC and pre-eclampsia, it's a wonder that mother or child EVER survive the birthing process!

So, anyways, there you have it. I have no pictures for today unless you want to see some illustrations I've photographed (it's nice, put them all in a neat little folder and hit 'slideshow' and it's like a Powerpoint presentation!) of all the different positions a baby might want to come out of a woman. Which has nothing to do with knitting so carry on.

***This is not to say that Mim wrote a poor pattern. I'm merely a little mentally slow. Mim is a good and kind person and if I'm not struck by a celestial piece of inspiration or stumble over it subconsciously, I will ask her for advice. I just feel like I've bothered her enough about this thing already.


  1. You know.... the reason why my patterns cost what they do is because I'm including customer service and pattern support in that. So GET OFF IT and ask me your question! :)

  2. You sound a little, um, tense. I'm just sayin'. Get your teacup out and make yourself a nice spot of malibu rum and pineapple juice. You'll feel much better. Really. Only don't try to knit lace--stick to stockinette.