Friday, May 26, 2006

What sends a dying lily to the lake

I've been doing all sorts of things. Some of it has been knitting. Some of it has been reading my textbooks for hours and hours on end, photographing the little boxes of diagrams and Clinical Manifestations. Some of it has been going to work to set up thousand of pills, talk to many patients, even give a shot or two. I'm not lazy, I'm merely busy.

But look, I'm almost there! It's been two months and a long and sometimes befuddling road. But things have been cleared with Mim's help. And now I have a triangular shawl (almost) that I really love (who doesn't love their creations, even a little?). I never thought I'd like the triagular shawls, but here you go. You never know until you give things a chance.

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