Wednesday, November 16, 2005


For being a naughty recipient of SP6 love by not posting and thanking my sweet SP sistah (no, really, her email calls her KnitSista), I have had suffered retribution by nasty cold. It came at me Monday and hit me with a 2x4. A 2x4 with a rusty nail that set my sinuses and throat aflame. I'm glad I didn't schedule work because I'm telling you, hell hath no fury like a cold scorned. But she was so kind, I love her little knitted bag with the soap in it (nice!) and the fun knitting cards. The chocolate and tea were very welcome at this point ('specially the tea).

I am, however, feeling better. I had the sinus and throat thing on Monday, felt better but exhausted yesterday, overexerted myself by inviting friends to share in some restorative sushi and miso soup at Demae and then too much chocolate brownie and Fruits Basket (an anime, one that my little blog button is from incidently). This morning, my throat is thinking things it shouldn't be thinking (how wicked!), my nose has become Mucus Central, but I feel stronger. Which is a good thing, or rather, better be a good thing, I have a lot to do today. After all, my parents are coming over and they're staying in the basement family room that still needs sweeping and vaccuuming, if I can get over my fear of black widows (it's cold enough for them all to be dead and gone, right? Right? Woes!).

Okay, and now for something actually related to this blog:

I want to start spinning. Oh heavens, another something for me to dabble in! I don't even know what I'd spin or why, it's just something I want to learn to do! Anyways, I was perusing eBay for a proper drop spindle and there were a whole heck of a lot. I became rather fond of the Rapunzel one. It looks so neat! But I don't know if I'd get terribly serious about this. Ah well, if I wasn't crazy about it, I could always re-sell it, right? What's your opinion? I already have some gorgeous merino roving that I don't know if I dare to spin. It's too pretty. Alas.

I'm on the last half of the last repeat before the tapered end on my Faina scarf. It's not very long and it's rather wide. But I think it will fast become my favorite scarf. It's always special to wear things you've made. I wear my Rogue on a regular basis. It makes me so happy.

Ah, for the love of knitting.


  1. Spinning! How fun... I sort of want to try, but know that if I do I will become addicted.. and we know I have enough on my platter right now :) Sending you lots of hugs... Your old SP...

  2. Two of my favorite spindle makers:

    Spinning is great!! Even better: holding up a WIP and explaining I knit it myself from yarn I spun myself. Go for it!!!

  3. Hey!

    I'm your swapper from Japan- just checking out your blog and wondering if you started spinning?? I just started myself and am totally addicted! Sooo fun