Friday, November 25, 2005

Heeeey, so THAT'S where that big bag of Cinnamon Almonds went...!

Ina, Dad, remember when I couldn't find them? Figured they were lost forever in the fourth or fifth dimension of the minivan? Yeah. They're a little stale but I haven't: a) died b) broken out in some terrible rash c) made a dash to worship that white idol, the Porcelain God. They *are* a little stale. This, you notice, has not stopped me at all. Whatsoever.

I haven't blogged here for a bit. Life and Parents Being Here* (seriously, I was thrilled, it was SO fun) kind of stole me away. Since I last posted I:

*have not bought a drop spindle. It's like they're too expensive (I say this when I ALMOST bought a $70 framed bit of art at BB&B today...then bought a Salt City Christmas Eve candle instead). Maybe I'm afraaaaid. Maybe I need to find a good reason for buying one (okay! Plan: Buy drop spindle when Nursing Concepts 6 is passed. Okay. Good!)

*HAVE finished my scarf. And verily I did block it and it DID NOT STAY UNCURLED! Arrgh! *insert several expletives here* I haven't woven in ends, I haven't put in the fringe but I did block it and it's not stayed blocked!!! Stress! Bite! Oh, okay, I won't bite the scarf, but that's because I'm only a little crazy, not a lot crazy.

*have made...wait, let's do this right. Mom, sis, niece, and I went out for shoppings today. Yeah yeah, I'm not like all the other cool kids and I participated in the rabid shark pond of consumerism. And I brought some knitting with me. Anyways, mom got some Nifty Foundation, the powder sort and got some really cool free stuff and it all came in a silvery bag. She tried to shove it off on my niece, but my niece would have nothing to do with it. So I said I'd take it. And whaddaya know it holds my stuff! In this case, that would be a fingerless-glove-that-may-also-have-a-mitten-hoodie. I finished it not long after my parents, trying to beat the OZ (pronounced "snowstorm") to Kansas, ran away. If they'd stayed through one more episode of Good Eats (the cheesecake one where I suddenly gain five pounds just watching it) they'd have Lived Long And Prospered. Wait...that sounds so not good. Ina, Dad, drive SAFE, don't give in to large trucks driving too fast while carrying TN-freakin'-T. Don't spin out into snowy medians and kill innocent signs that our taxpayers have put up to slow down big minivans like yours. And PLEASE LIVE LONG AND PROSPER ANYWAYS. And move out here so you don't have to go back to Kansas all the time. Kansas is for sucks. Utah is much prettier, you can see least, when it's not Inversion, which is a big word for poetic and foggy mountains in the distance. Pretty.

*have not cleaned up since the Major Clean Up that I attempted before my parents came over. I prayed they wouldn't use the little bathroom where I kept the cleaning supplies and that big hiking boot that killed Shelob (*shudders*) and the strange and mysterious green goo that lives in the caulking around the toilet. But they did. First thing mom does after bringing stuff down into the family room? No, not unpack, clean that STUPID BATHROOM! Why? But at least they weren't as squicked out about the Fuzzy Air Grate above the bathtub and mom cleaned the Green Toilet (except it's green again, mom says it's not mold but I disagree).

And anyways, it was a great week except for when it wasn't but that was very small compared to when it was.

Oh yes, really cool trick. If you hit the Shift Key while clicking on any link, it opens up the link in A NEW WINDOW! Huzzah! God save the King! Now I don't have to put 'target="new"' in my links! Please turn your pop-up-blocker off when you do that though. Or hold the CTRL key down, too. So, Shift-CTRL-*click* or something like that for new windows.

Peace Out.

*Mom knits, YAAAY! And that's just how Dad watches every movie. I'm not kidding. Unless he paid for the theater, but I don't know, may be does sleep at the theater. He sleeps at church. *tattle tattle*

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  1. Shelob in the bathroom--yikes! I'm glad you had a good weekend. :)