Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Copy & Paste

Because I'm lazy and I write better in my LiveJournal than my Blogger, I'm just transferring my thoughts from there to here.

After filling out all those Craigslist ads and realizing that instead of a nurse, they wanted an envelope licker and whatever else they wanted for WorkFromHome, I started getting spam emails. That's fine, I can always set a filter on the ones that get past the Gmail Spam Ninjas but now I'm starting to get Mystery Phone Calls. Those are harder to ignore, especially when I'm waiting for people to ask me to work for them. One was from area code 303 but hung up on me when I answered the phone. The other was "Restricted". They both get the finger.

In other news, my sis sent to my mom who forwarded to me a link to The Meanest Mom. Who has this Youtube Video in one of her posts but I'm eager to show you all NOW:

Finally, last night I headed out to Borders to meet some of the smartest, wittiest, loveliest group of people I have ever had the honor to meet, RUBBERNECKERS:

We offended some Borders customers with our flagrant touching, grasping, and groping of balls (of yarn) and other such inappropriate behavior and conversation. It was awesome. Definitely going back again. And yes, we broke the record of number of attendants to the Utah Knitters Knit Night ever.


  1. That group looks like so much fun. How often do they meet?

    Isn't the meanest mom blog hilarious? I love it!

    And, did you get your application to Lynette's place? Hopefully that will work out. I need to go visit her!