Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The egg

Tomorrow is Sock Madness. Knitting will increase and so will silences so I better come up with this now while I can.

What is up with the hair/makeup trend? At first I thought the Progressive Insurance girl was just an attempt to look like the Esurance cartoon chick with the outrageous eye-makeup, the bubble hair, the brilliant red lipstick. I didn't realize that this was actually the introduction to a new trend.

Girls, why do we try to make a farce of ourselves? Make-up should be used to simply enhance our own true beauty. It should be subtle, not overly done. We should look like women, not cartoon heroines.

After all, don't you remember the 50s and 60s? Do we really want to go back to that again?

I didn't think so.

I am all about makeup and looking nice. But I take my makeup tips from Carmindy, not Wonder Woman.

Just a thought.

The Egg is what I call that outrageous pouch in the back of some ladies' heads that are supposed to make the hair higher or something. I keep expecting an alien to pop out and wink at everyone.

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