Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten Things On Tuesday

I was posting these on my Facebook but realized that this blog is getting dusty so I might as well enlighten you all as to the Marvel behind the Mask:

10 Favorite Time Wasters

1. Roleplaying with Briana. I could and have done it for hours and hours.

2. Knitting. Though I can't knit into the night, my attention span and focus slip away.

3. Reading manga online. Yes, I'm an anime/manga geek. Too bad.

4. Watching stuff. I found streaming MST3K, I'll watch that for a while. Or anime online because it's there. Or YouTube, or rain or Deadliest Catch or Iron Chef. Just...watching.

5. DeviantArt. I love seeing everyone else's talent unfold.

6. Facebook. Yup.

7. Writing, though I need to get back in the habit.

8. Reading - as I told Briana, I read like the books have an expiration date (though if they're library books, they actually do).

9. Messing with my hand/finger blisters. They're not zits but they're not burn blisters and I like to poke them because they itch.

10. Drawing. I forgot I do that, too. Hee.

What about you?

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