Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Haircut

My little brother clearly did not bother to find a place to get a haircut while out at BYU. So Saturday night when I came home from work, it was a shock to see a tall version of Frodo Baggins.

Yesterday, Don and I headed downtown and that's when he got The Shearing:

Starting out, here we go. Check out that curly hair, he hasn't lost those curls since he was a baby and everyone mistook him for a girl. Not so charming, 20 years later:

So, a good deal of heckling and joshing was due and then he sat in the chair to get a proper shearing.

I wanted him to stop here so Don could stay with the Mixed Up Zombies haircut.

Check out that great collection of hair that just fell onto his lap! And that's not the extent of it!

There! Better!

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