Monday, February 05, 2007

Old emperor, new clothes

Last you saw of Lorna's Laces Gold Hill, it was in peril of being violently frogged and slapped onto DeStash. However, mom loved the colorway instantly and even liked the stitch pattern.

I could deal with the colors but definitely not the muddy stitch pattern (and many thanks to everyone's input. Those who apologized for giving requested opinions will be beaten until morale improves, ha!). So a-frog-kissing I did go and then came upon some inspiration. Of course! Monkey! And after a full Friday and Sunday with a little Saturday mixed in for good measure, I pulled this from my needles:

I think that looks a thousand times better, don't you all think? And I have yet a week to go to make another, I have plenty of time. Especially since the pattern is easy to memorize and goes very quickly.

Here's a huzzah to Cookie for her amazing sock designs. I think I've managed to about knit all the ones she's published so far!


And now for a meme that I got tagged on about a week ago by the darling and ever-so-patient Kate. The meme is to photograph the books you are currently reading and post it. Then tag four people to fill out the meme (of course, participation is not mandatory). So here's my nightstand-ish book:

Horatio and the Hotspur by C.S. Forester

I've been destashing on books as much as I've been destashing on yarn and so when I'm in need of reading material, I visit my lovely local library. This is my fourth book I've read this year that has not shown me lovely and graphic photos of people's innards and bits and bobs. Nursing textbooks are not for the faint of heart, let me tell you!

The reason the photo quality is poor is because I don't read much before bed (other than scriptures) and my nightstand has little room for much other than a lamp and an alarm clock and my usual liter-bottle of water. So in the bathroom. The tub is a luxurious place for a read, don't you think? And just ideal for the cold, as long as you're careful not to drop your book.

Anyways, I tag:
1. Christina (like you don't have enough to do, right?)
2. Abby
3. Becky
4. Rebekah

Speaking of reading, I have some studying to do.


  1. Hmmm, I'm not really reading anything. Although I have the whole movie set of Horatio Hornblower on DVD. I'll have to see what's on my shelf at home.

    And the new socks, perfect!

  2. Thanks for the link back to me. I am glad that you are keeping this MEME going.
    By the way I love the socks