Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kit's Experience Points to Knitting

So, I've been around some message boards and there are a few things I thought to share with you guys, things I've learned over the ages. Things about knitting.

1. It's a couple or more sticks and string. It doesn't bite, it doesn't cry, it doesn't make fun of your hygiene behind your back with your friends. It's just knitting. FEAR NOTHING. You can throw it, you can throttle it. You can stomp on it, you can drown it. And it can do nothing back.

2. Just because it's popular, it doesn't mean it's good. For instance, figure-hiding ponchos. Muppet-pelt scarves.

3. Just because it's popular, it doesn't mean it's bad. For instance, the Clapotis. I've seen dozens, hundreds and some have been really awesome. Shown off the yarn beautifully. And some...could have been better.

4. Anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT. Check your gauge. Re-check it. Weave in your ends. Block it. It's a pain but it is and always will be worth it.

5. Acrylic is not the best thing since sliced bread. It's eco-UNfriendly. It cannot be blocked. It does not breathe and it does not keep you warm. However, it does have its place. It makes for nice blankets, it's nice for cute scarves. But it's not good for socks or chemo caps. And it's not always the cheapest you can get.

6. Forget skill levels. If you like it, make it. If you don't know how to do it, Google it. Frogging is tiresome but in the end, you have something you can wear with pride.

7. Math is NOT hard. Can you add? Subtract? Multiply? Divide? Did you know that you can use Google as your own personal calculator? No more whining.

8. There is no curse. Boyfriend Sweater Curse? Like the R.O.U.S.s*, I do not believe it exists.

9. Don't expect to knit well while inebriated. Don't expect to do ANYTHING well while inebriated, like drive or cut steeks. It just doesn't work like that.

10. Go with your instincts. Listen to your imagination. And if it's getting the best of you, put it down, work on something relaxing and let your mind untangle the knot.


  1. Amen knit-sib!

    Thanks for the virtual hug.

    Knitting is only as hard as you make it. There's a girl at my Knit Group doing her second project... a mohair lace shawl! And it looks great, if you have patience and aren't afraid to rip back, you can do anything.

  2. just finished crocheting a muppet scarf. :) (the person receiving it was lusting after someone's fun fur scarf so i made her one. it WAS seriously like knitting up a muppet.)

  3. What a great list! IT's absolutely perfect!