Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy St. Frigid!

So, it's blogger's silent poetry day. I don't know poetry from a hole in the ground so I think I'll post the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. In ode to my favorite male character that I write.

The Other Side Of Time
Snow falls, silent and slow
On the unforgiving land
You stand clutching your coat
Red twig dogwood in your hand
I see your face unchanged, unlined
No trace of age
No tracks of time
Walking over the fields
Tiny figure on the plain
You turn into the wind
And you seem to call my name
So long you've been unheard, unseen
Now here you are
Inside this dream
Once in a golden time
We stood beside the river
And spoke of true things
We knew would last forever
Wild promises
And heartless laughter
No whisperings
Of what comes after
Broken ties
And unquiet years
You forget who you are
I still remember who you are
You live here in my dreams
Land of images and signs
Sleep now, I'll see you there
On the other side of time
We all are just
Points on some line
We'll meet again
We'll meet in time

-Mary Fahl

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  1. did you know the star-spangled banner was orignally "just" a poem? it wasn't set to music til much later.

    ask my husband, the musician. lyrics are poems, whether they rhyme or not