Thursday, February 08, 2007

Falling off the wagon.

To those coming over from the Lime 'n' Violet Blog, hi! I'd have written about visiting with Miss V but I'm a total lamer and never managed to get my camera out to document the whole visit. Next time, I swear. Really. Promise.

Now onto the rest of the post.

I got a little slaphappy with my last paycheck ($114, woo). I went to Target, got various not-so-fun but necessary sundries like hair conditioner, lubricating eye-drops, ho-hum very boring. The exciting part was when the car overheated on the way home and I drove around with smoke (or was it steam?) pouring out of my hood. It's okay, Dad fixed it but it was downright scary.

Perhaps that's why this happened. Perhaps this is why I fell off the wagon so very hard.

See, I noticed that Lime'n'Violet updated their etsy store and I was browsing when I saw something I liked. Something I REEEALLY liked. Now, when I am trying to make a very careful yarn purchase, I tend to very easily talk myself out of things. But I was not thinking of precipitating yarn purchases. I was thinking "Oooh, gold and purple are such a pretty combination!!!" and clicked "Buy Now". Made it all the way to PayPal before my conscience managed to break through the one-way mirror with a resounding:


But, alas, it was far too late and Etsy sent me a receipt, kindly asking "Er, are you going to be paying for that?" and with a sigh, I said "Yeeesss...". And now I look forward to this in the mail:

I regret nothing.

Also, my sis is having a baby. I think I will do what I did when she had her previous baby. Go watch Phantom of the Opera. ;)

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  1. Sometimes it's just a necessary evil. And my oh my is that a beautiful evil purchase!