Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Winter isn't all bad.

I love romping around in winter. In winter, I can wear my knits. In winter, I don't get mud on my shoes. In winter I don't get sunburned or hot or sweaty. And I'm not the only one who loves winter.

Daisy loves the wild romps in the fields just beyond our home. There's a lot of new development going down back there but for now it's just streets and trees and the occasional power-box-thing. Daisy and I, however, were not alone in the wintery wilderness as we explored the frozen-over, crunchy snow. As I ventured on, I saw a strange white figure in the distance and began heading over.

Someone had been busy because that figure just happened to be...a snowbear.

Here he is from the side:

Clever little creation. I don't know who could have made it, perhaps the same people who decided to go four-wheeling over the landscape, dragging behind a sled. Or perhaps it was someone else. All I know was that it sure was unexpected and fun to walk up on my snowfriend here.

Not much else to add, the pomatomus ended up a little long so I'll have to pick it apart.


  1. I agree with Daisy, winter is perfect tromping time.

  2. I wish we had enough snow for snowbear-making!