Friday, January 05, 2007

What flew up Kit's butt, episode 1.

I'm a part of several knitting communities and it never fails. There's always that small group of people (generally women) who find that pretending that they have highly abusive husbands is popular and/or funny. There is always that post about some woman giggling about how much yarn she had to hide from her husband and boy would she ever get a whupping if he saw what she spent on yarn or if he ever saw her stash!

And I wonder, do these SIMPERING MORONS ever realize how very real and very frightening domestic abuse is? How it can effect not only your life but the lives of those around you? IT'S. NOT. FUNNY.

Not to mention, if you feel the need to hide your purchases from your spouse, I can only shudder at the utter chaos that ensues when the checkbook needs balancing. Which is the least of the problems if the poster finds it not only acceptable but also anecdotal to keep secrets from their spouse. It reminds me of stories about how in some countries, it's not only acceptable to engage in affairs but EXPECTED. Think about seeing THAT in a forum?

Please, my friends, honor your spouse. And also, honor your stash. If you want what you already have, then you will always have what you want.


  1. Well said. Working for a divorce attorney, we see our share of real domestic abuse and it's nothing to laugh about. The sad thing is so many of those abused don't leave their spouses or can't, or try to and go back. It's terrible and definitely not something to even remotely joke about.

  2. I is NOT joking matter.