Friday, January 12, 2007

Mob mentality?

So, yes, kind of annoying what happened to Socks That Rock, no? The bank can't fathom so many people wanting to knit socks so they shut down the account, tossed the money back.

But for the love of little fluffy sheep, CAN WE SETTLE DOWN? It's a bummer, sure, but put on your Big Girl Panties. This is not a sexist thing. This is a Bank Business thing. I mean, if someone steals our card and goes crazy in Vegas and the bank closes the card down, we're happy, right? The whole buyer protection thing is awesome, no? This is the same sort of business. And we the buyers are not hurt (okay, I'm excluded, I felt that the whole STR Sock Club was overpriced), the ladies are doing all right, so take a breather, sit down, relax.

It's snowing today. In the typical Kansas fashion, that means that occasionally it rains and freezes when it lands. But the oddest thing was that yesterday it was a balmy 60-some degrees! I walked out the Manor (where I work now) and I drove home with the window down.

Well, nothing says curl up and knit like nasty weather. Which is just what I believe I shall do today. TiVo has some new Doctor Whos saved (I like both of the new ones but who DOESN'T like a bit of dishy eye-candy, wot?) and tea sounds quite refreshing at the moment. Mmm. I will have some progress pictures on Monday, that's a promise.


  1. Totally unrelated but I LOVE your Jayne hat!! I thought it was an awesome, fun hat when I saw it last week...and watched that episode of Firefly again yesterday, I sat right up and said "It was Jayne's hat!!! Kirstin made Jayne's hat!!!!" Very nice!

  2. It's so nice to hear of SOMEBODY else who doesn't want to blow this all up into a big feminist issue. I think what the bank did is pretty crummy especially since it didn't sound like they really discussed the issue with their client very well. I'm glad to know that the ladies of Blue Moon Fiber Arts had a waiting list so even if everybody doesn't sign back up they will probably still have a full club. But I find it annoying and ridiculous that people are so quick to decide it's a 'feminist' thing.