Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It was supposed to say "Chemotherapy gives me a buzz".

For anyone who might be interested, my mom has a cancer journal. Actually, the cancer is gone, this is all about the chemo. But hey, it has to do with cancer and I'm a Cancer, it's Cancer Nation here. Click around, I encourage you to check out the photos to see my mom's 'buzz' and first chemotherapy session with more photos to come.

On the knitting front, well, I joined some members from my ward and we braved wind and weather to head north to Omaha where we did some work inside the Winters Quarters Temple. It was COLD, to say the least and our driver seemed to be adverse to heat until I humbly asked if I could at least blow some heat on my benumbed toes. I should have grabbed some woolly socks but they wouldn't have fit in my shoes. Only room for nylons in that puppy.

Anyways, I was working on mom's Pomatomus sporadically. It was near 8pm when we finally got home and it wasn't until the next morning that I realized that the little silver Lacombe bag that held my sock knitting had been left behind. Drat!

However, that won't stop me, I've just wound some more skeins and am starting another sock. And because I'm not a goldfish, I am certain that I will not forget the remaining Pomatomus but I do have to wait to hear back from said driver. Or his parents, it WAS their van. I hope I didn't leave anything else behind, I did conscientiously put my garbage in my purse so that I didn't leave THAT behind. I'm so thoughtful.

Until the skies clear and I can get a better shot of my progress on the new sock, I will have to leave you all on the edges of your seat in suspense.

By the way, the Jacket? Yeah, it keeps visiting the frog pond as I keep realizing mistakes I have made way back. Double drat! I won't be done with that thing until June! It sure won't be done tomorrow like I had resolved. Hmmph.

Keep your toes and the rest of you frosty, I'll have better content later.

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