Thursday, December 21, 2006

Only good news here!

Mom's surgery went well. They got rid of tumor and the lymph nodes that they checked were clear. It only took an hour, actually, to do it all and she wore her cozy socks that I made her for Christmas during the procedure. Things are looking up and instead of socks, I really ought to make her hats as the chemotherapy is going to make her lose her hair and she'll need something fashionable and warm until it grows back. She's already ordered eyebrow stencils (she's more concerned about losing her eyebrows than her hair).

Anyways, we've all been taking care of her, including buying her Breast Cancer M&Ms and though she has little appetite, she appreciates the pink and dark-pink gems of chocolate goodness.

As for me, well, knitting keeps the anxiety focused in a positive manner and my fingers have been flying.

If you haven't guessed it now, you've not peeked into the latest Interweave Knits issue. This is the Nantucket Jacket featured on the Winter 2006 IK and it's knitting up marvelously. I work on it while Dad and I watch LOST (we're on Season 2, Disk 2). Man, that show is crack. Or like chips, you can't watch just one show. Dad and I have the same favorite characters: Locke, the paraplegic turned Indiana Jones and Hurley, the fat kid with the best sense of humor. Yeah yeah, Sawyer's hot and if they'd bothered putting a Gambit into X-Men 3, I would hope they'd cast him but eh, he doesn't make my little heart pound.

And for my sit-by-the-computer knitting, there's the Mountain Peaks Shawl. She's kind of going in fits and starts. Thank goodness I invested in bamboo needles and a life line because I seem to be all thumbs and distraction sometimes. But I'm enjoying the lace. I was itching for it, you know. Just anxious to knit lace. And after this, I'll probably make Eunny's Print O' The Wave Stole. It looks so pretty!

I've said it before but despite knowing quite well that I will not be able to find a reason to wear any of my creations in public except perhaps at a wedding, it hasn't stopped me from knitting it. The magic of Lace, eh?

Finally, I have a job! I interviewed yesterday and not three hours later, they called, telling me I had the job! It's part time, LPN on the health care level of a retirement 'manor', 6am to 2pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternate weekends, about 48 hours a payperiod (two weeks). I'm so excited! And what a quick response! Exclamation mark! I start next week since they need someone for New Year's Eve weekend. Heh, nooo problem. This will be a nice change from the mental hospital. No crazy killers, just old people with possible incontinence problems. Well, okay, that doesn't sound much better but oh well! New experiences await!

Anyways, happy solstice all! And because we must be politically correct, I offer up the lyrics to the song Merry Christmas if that's okay sung by Mike Nelson and the bots.

[On the Satellite:]

MIKE: Hi folks. Welcome back to the satellite. As a special treat Crow, Tom and I have written and are going to perform an original Christmas carol.

CROW: Mike, it's not just for Christmas. It's for holidays of all faiths.

TOM: Yeah, & don't call it a carol because Carol is a woman's name and we want this song to be all-inclusive.

MIKE: Right. Why don't you hit it Cambot.

Let us all now sing
Our praises to the Lord today
Although you may not share
Our belief system
Which is perfectly O.K.

CROW: Maybe you worship an abstract being
That is kind of vague.
Or maybe you just
Worship a guy
Who's name is Greg.

TOM: Perhaps your religion doesn't
Include a time called Lent,
But whatever your religion
Is, we support you one hundred percent.

MIKE: So sit around the fire
And have a chestnut roast,
Or raise a glass in toast
To "Happy Days" Donny Most.

TOM: But if you prefer to eat
Indian food on Christmas day
I can only shrug my shoulders
And say "Namaste"

[spoken] Namaste!

CROW: Personally I prefer,
Turkey, gravy and salad
But lets never forget
All cultures are valid.

MIKE: So let's have peace on earth
And cut out all the bull.
Let's have a holiday season
That's multi-cultural.

CROW: If there's one point
We'd like to make
With this festive holiday song,

TOM: It's that Christmas comes just once a year
So for a few days
For crying out loud

ALL: Can't we all just get along?

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  1. I'm so glad your mother's surgery went well. Cancer is scary. My mom is a two-time breast cancer survivor. They found a lump, removed that, then 5 years later a new lump and that time she had a full masectomy.

    I'm so glad your mother lymph glands were clear. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 3 melanoma cancer this last summer and it had moved into his lymph nodes, that was a scary word. But he's okay now fortunately.

    I'm looking forward to your participation in the YFC!