Tuesday, December 05, 2006

For one brief shining moment

...I had my knitting mojo back. It was the lace. I was suffering lace withdrawals. Which is absurd because lace is not very fashionable in public (my stole doubles as a cozy scarf but even that is hard to pass off when the wind blows) but my fingers want to knit it. So I picked up some of my Lace Merino in a purple color and started the Mountain Lace Shawl as once before. Everything was going smoothly and then...I dropped a stitch. And so I try to save it but it was a k2tog which is hard enough to fix without going mad. But trying to save it caused more and more stitches to fall. At least last time the yarn felted to itself and dropped stitches were not an issue. This time, well, I'm thinking of going to the Yarn Barn and seeing what I can find in *gulp* wooden circs. Anyways, frogged it. Frogged it bitterly.

And then I thought to my unfinished Rogue. Y'know, once-upon-a-time I had this odd belief that I was supposed to fit my clothes. If they did not fit, I was the one who had to lose the weight. Going up a size was not an option. And sometimes...that still haunts me. Which is why I knit the Rogue in the Medium size (bust = 38.5"). I am NOT a Medium. I aspire to be but I'm not right now. So it also saw the frog pond.

And...that has killed my mojo. Or at least severely injured it and now it lies gasping with a remaining hitpoint of ONE. Argh!

Anyways, I'm trying to regroup, assess my options. I have 8 skeins of the most lovely eggplant color of Cascade 220. I am considering several options:

Basically, I'm looking for something that has pretty texture, is form fitting (short-rows or simple decreases/increases along the waist would work) and no hood. I'm done with hoods and Rogue and bad mojo(jojo).

At least I finished some fingerless mitts made out of scrap yarn. For the win!

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  1. I don't know how to pick one of those! I like all of them, although the third listed I like least (can't remember the name). If you're taking requests--for this year or next, I'd like a winter cap. :)
    LOVE YOU! Good luck with your mojo.