Saturday, December 30, 2006

A New Leaf To Turn

Quickly: Mom's doing good. Her incision got infected and after draining a good cup and a half or so, they put in a Jackson-Pratt drain which I have the honor of emptying nightly and then measuring every 24 hours or so. I'm happy to report that we're not getting much anymore.

You know, 2006 was busy. It was full of tearing up roots, leaving people behind, changing scenery, settling down, re-establishing old contacts, realizing that the University/Singles ward is full of MARRIED PEOPLE (seriously, all the ones who aren't married are ten years younger than me and unattractive anyways) and realizing that ultimately everything happens for a reason. It's not always immediately apparent, particularly if you don't take a moment to step back and look at the big picture.

Fer instance, it hurt to move but if I hadn't, mom would be going through this cancer with only dad and with as much as we lean on each other to help mom, I know he'd be hurting to have to do this alone. Stuff like that where it may seem like crap but then you judge yourself by your own mental, emotional, spiritual yardstick and realize that these trials have made you stronger.

2006, you've been a trip. 2007, you've got big shoes to fill.

So! Who wants some knitting content? Ohhh, settle down, I've got a little something.

WIP: The Nantucket Jacket almost has a back now. Hey, I may be slow but I'm steady! And don't be telling me about now 'but Kit, that 'back' is only a paragraph long!' because I don't want to hear it.

And the Mountain Peak Shawl...almost done with Chart B. Chart C and Edging will be all that's left. But I'm wondering if maybe I shouldn't have done an extra repeat or two of Chart A. Oh well.

FOs: Yeaaah, here's the money. I have two hats because hats are what's in around here. Mom's already ordering turbans (I'm thinking that a turban is a dang WEIRD thing to wear out here in the Midwest but hey, mom thinks they're pretty so whatev on my opinion) so I'm making hats to supplement for the colder days.

Recipe: Knitty's Coronet
Hardware: I cant recall. #8 US DPNs and Circ, I think.
Software: Band - 4 ply merino bought at the Ren Fest last year. Hat: Manos del Hands of Fate Uruguay.

This was a lovely pattern and I wouldn't mind knitting it again. I used the merino not only for the band but for the part of the hat under the band so that it wouldn't chafe the forehead so much. For some reason, Manos *snicker* is not quite so soft. Then again, Merino is liek buttah in terms of wool. Alpaca is the only thing softer.

Recipe: Susan's No-Gauge Hat (as featured in her Nov. 2005 archive).
Hardware: size #8s DPNs and circ.
Software: 1 skein of's Colonia 140. I got it in their Odds'n'Ends so I'm not sure if there will ever be more. Avellanas is the closest in color-scheme.

This was quite a simple pattern. One increases after the first and before the last stitch on every DPN (if using 3, of course) until it's the right size. I suppose I underestimated the gauge, it's not quite a snug hat but it is cozy. The ribbing is K2 P2 alternating with rows of just knit and then switching to just K2P2 ribbing for the flipped up edge of the brim and the suggested i-cord bind-off while watching MST3K:Space Mutiny ("Big McLargeHuge!" "Slab Bulkhead!")

And there will be more hats and next year, after mom's recovered and doesn't need twenty brazillian hats (*snerk*), I'll donate these to, oh, I don't know. I'm sure I'll find a few bald heads that will appreciate the fine, handcrafted touch of wool.

Lastly, my knitting 'goals' for 2007, since I need someone to poke me when I slag off.

  • Buy no new yarn until birthday*.

  • Use up all sock yarn by birthday.

  • Finish sweater by February.

  • Blog more often (M/W/F).

  • Design a lace scarf.

  • Design an Aran scarf.

I know a lot of people are going on 'yarn diets' this year. Good luck 'n stuff. I'm not so much going on a yarn diet as I'm going on a pre-meditated yarn-only restriction. No more ferret-shock, no more socks that get hidden by jeans and covered by shoes. Not till *June 23 anyways. ;)

Well, good night all, Happy New Year, may it bring new hope.

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