Saturday, August 05, 2006

L is for

Lace! And being Lazy as Toast. And Love which I'd like to really experience, especially after watching the end of Wonderfalls for the second time yesterday. Ah, Tyron Leitso, you make my heart flutter, was I? Oh yes. Lace.

Anyways, everyone remember this?

That's right, it's how long the Baltic Sea Stole after one skein of Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard. Well, that was back in March. It was July when she passed the two skein mark. Wanna see how far along she is now? Wow, don't all speak up at once.

Pretty sharp, don't you think? She's about four feet long. And it's become kind of like a cat in the lap to knit on. And since I'm knitting in a basement, I'm not dying of heat when I knit on her either. She's just really comforting and friendly. I tend to story-write with my close friend Briana as I knit with her so there's a lot of really good creative energy in this thing. And when I wrap her around my shoulders, I feel happy since I knit when I'm happy. I don't engage in Emo Knitting. You will find nary a doll head or safety pin in my knitting. Unless the safety pin is a stitch marker. Sometimes I think I wear my dragon ring just as a substitute stitch marker until I can find the one I've inevitably dropped.

Anyways, I'm also working on Hedera but because I was being a goose, I tried to knit her in the dark by feel, which almost worked except I remembered one of the rows incorrectly and she will have to be frogged. And since I don't believe in photographically documenting my stupidity, we'll just have to leave it unphotographed.

And now to do a little packing because parents will be here today or tomorrow, depending on how insane they really feel like being. The fruit doesn't fall far from the tree here!

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  1. Beautiful! I love this stole--have the pattern just haven't gotten around to casting on. Yours is looking great.