Thursday, August 03, 2006

FO - Mrs. Beeton!

This is the only picture I have of the Mrs. Beetons I made for a good friend of mine.
Yarn: Mainly Misti Alpaca Sport and then the purple trim is Knitpicks Shadow in Vineyard. Yes, I stole it off my stole, har har.
Needles: Good ol' aluminum Boye in 3s.
Notes How DID the girl get these not to curl? I blocked but it was very awkward and consisted on washing and kind of trying to get it laid out on a clean towel but still the Knitpicks laceweight curled like a moth...moth. Yes. Moth. Quite curly buggers.

Anyways, they have been packed off with care to the recipient and it's been months since then. I've always hoped she'd post pictures since she really does like to photograph things, but she hasn't. Ah well, they may end up photographed when it's not so everlovin' hot outside.

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