Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh yay, another contest/meme!

The contest is over here so help yerself!

Name 5 places other than your house or a knitting store where you have knit...:

1. The Kansas City Renaissance Festival was an awesome place to knit. I was surrounded by handicrafts of all sorts and I fit right in!

2. The movies. I knit a cat hat right through the fifth HP movie (uh huh, I di~id!). I mean, it was all just stockinette around and around...I figured I was about done when it fit right over my eyes during the scene where they're running around in the crazy maze. Creepy stuff.

3. At a mental hospital. Lots of times at a mental hospital (in the med room where there is a window with a sheet of plastic with a hole cut in it so they can't just grab the needles and go postal). Yeah, I'm not just a patient, I'm also the nurse! Oh wait. And no, no one has ever complained.

4. While waiting for a plane and on that plane. The stewardesses asked if I'd be done with the hat by the time we landed. It wasn't.

5. In a library on a Sunday after the front porch of my buddy seemed to have a rather irksome hornet making a nest chased us off. It wasn't the fact that it was almost 100 degrees out, making even a front porch surrounded by trees a trifle warm for lace knitting.

You know for all that Utah seems to be indecisive about whether it's really spring or if it wants to relapse into a few more days of winter, I prefer it over tornadoes. And I was in for a treat because as I was walking into the building, I passed within almost arm's reach of a robin that seemed very reluctant to leave its perch. He watched me as I watched him (trying NOT to grin like an idiot at being so close to one of the sprites of Nature), closer than I've ever been to a wild bird. It was fascinating.

And one final thought of snow in spring is that it makes those trees with the white blossoms just seem really funny. That's not snow on those branches...

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  1. i actaully had flight attendents get all excited while i was kniting one & bring their projects back to show me...they were knitting in the galley.