Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time is short...

I thought yesterday was a fluke. A bit of nippyness in the air, barely reaching the 80 degree mark...but no. No, today was just as nippy, if not a little more. And it was GORGEOUS. I need to hurry up with Rogue, but guess what? I'm already at the neck. Yes! That far! Sometimes I boggle at the way my mind sometimes has a hard time wrapping around only doing HALF a pattern (what was God thinking, trusting me with such a delicate piece of machinery when He knows how clumsy I am?) since I'm working on the cardigan version, but hey, I worked it out. I'm smart. Nothing's impossible.

Red. Yes, I know just where to find some red. Right up behind Seven Peaks, there is some definite red. And orange. Maybe a little yellow. It looks very much like the my version of Cut your Teeth. Images are coming soon, duckies.

Knitting also helped me meet a girl from Kansas City, my old stalking grounds, particularly during nursing school. Nice chick, she also agreed that Douglas/Johnson County is just a not so nice people place. Then I also met a lovely young man who looked like Brad Pitt, except without the smarmy face that makes me want to kick him in the nuts. Gorgeous man, I wanted to kiss him. Mmm mm mm...but I'm a good girl, I only flirted wildly with him and defiantly knitted at the same time.

And to the ProvoGrrl(tm) who was "Definitely going to buy my socks next time she sees me"...I hope you have a spare $100 on you. If I worked on these at minimum wage, that's how much they'd be worth. No? Your loss, these socks are one of a kind. And really made for my mom so too bad, nyahaha.

Anyways, I really ought to post pictures but I've been too lazy...*coff* I will soon, at least of Rogue because she is seriously wanting some loving here.

P.S. SP, I have five letters now. N, N, I, S, & E. I'm thinking Senni? Nines? If you have 'knits' in your name, I'm at a loss. But I didn't check the mail today so maybe there's another clue awaiting discovery in the mail. Hmm.

Oh, and happy September First!

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  1. Anonymous4:34 AM

    Oooh! I can't wait to see picures of how the stole and Rogue are coming along :)

    More letters are on the way! (There are lots of letters in my blog name, so it might be hard to find something there yet)

    Hugs :) SP